Forest Bathing Excursion with Sound Baths healing sounds and Brunch in nature

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Guided Forest Bathing, Sound Baths healing therapy, and Brunch in nature



Forest bathing is originally a Japanese practice which consists of going to the forest or natural environment and getting involved in activities that help us experience the nature with all our senses. Just like with mindfulness, forest bathing involves noticing and sensing our surroundings, rather than judging or evaluating it. In the last 30 years, researchers from the whole world have carried out numerous studies surrounding the physiological effects and psychological factors of nature, and in particular of the forest and how it contributes to the health and well-being of human beings. Sound Baths is also a healing retreat from our daily routine based life, that helps relax and restore our mind from stress and worries, transmitting a state of calm and wellbeing. Sound baths can improve sleep quality, and release feelings of spiritual wellbeing. increase focus on concentration, and benefit overall health


Here is an example itinerary:

09:00 Transfer to the forest, from Puerto de la Cruz or hotel Taoro Garden 09:30 Forest Bathing, guided therapy 13:00 Sound Baths session in the nature 14:15 Brunch in the nature 16:00 Transfer back to Puerto de la Cruz

Trainers & Instructors

These will be your instructors and trainers in this program
Thomas PilicerForest Bathing therapist
YaizaSound Bathing therapist

Included in program

Transfer to and from the MBestcare center in hotel Taoro Garden, or from the center of Puerto de la Cruz main station70 minutes Sound Bath therapy session, with healing (meditative) sounds Guided Forest Bathing therapy, half day excursion in the natural forests of northern Tenerife (Canary Islands)Brunch in nature after the activities

More relaxed and less stressed. These are only some of the benefits of this meditative day excursion in the forest ...

Forest Bathing is good for both physical and mental wellbeingReduction of stress hormone production, improves feelings of happiness and allows for better creativityProven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, boosting the immune system and increase ilnesss recoveryA great way to get started with mindfulnessSound baths relaxes your body and mind, improves sleep and decreases tensions and exhaustionSound baths create a meditative condition where the brain release healing brainwavesA healthy and refreshing brunch to finish the day off with!

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