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Specialized vacation program for yoga practitioners. The yoga offered will be tailored to the client's level and will also offer specialized therapeutic design possibilities of the practice. The Iyengar method bases its approach on the classical yoga of Patanjali, emphasizing the work of the body postures (asanas) and the respiratory regulation (pranayama), as basic aspects of the practice. It is especially characterized by its postures executed with precision and elegance, the observation of details and the correct alignment of the body. It is a well-defined method where the practitioner is gradually guided with great care from elementary to advanced level.

The diet plan throughout the program will be designed by a leading neuroscientist researcher with experience in nutrition to stimulate the immune system and promote healthy nervous system function.

  • Yoga twice a day.
  • Fresh juices and healthy snacks.
  • Food based on the Canarian Atlantic Diet with a nutritional plan designed by a neuroscience expert.