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This is a program to deepen your awareness of your body and mind through Chi Kong practices. You will be taken to beautiful Canarian forests to explore the traditional Japanese therapy of forest baths called Sirin Yoku. Additionally, the diet plan will be designed by a leading neuroscientist researcher with experience in nutrition to boost the immune system and promote a healthy functioning of the nervous system.

The exercises that we will practice in this retreat are very varied, sometimes dynamic and sometimes slow and gentle. It is a recommended practice for all ages. Chi-Kung gently mobilizes the entire body, connecting breath with movement with special attention to structural alignment. It dissolves stiffness, calms pain, stretches tendons and opens joints. It is effective in the treatment and prevention of some circulatory, respiratory, mental and joint diseases. Practicing it daily will help you to live your life more calmly, to regulate your energy, to relax your muscular tensions and in general to be more connected with yourself and with your social and natural environment. With more than 4000 years of existence, Chi-Kung is the oldest physical therapy system in the world.

In a first stage, the intention is to optimize the functions of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs, strengthening and detoxifying them.

The second stage includes deep awareness and compassion work. It is the stage of mental / emotional and psychosomatic healing.

The third stage is spiritual liberation, ceasing the process of identification with the isolating ego and reintegrating the cosmic flow.

  • Daily Tai-Chi / Chi-Kung session.
  • Fresh juices and healthy snacks.
  • Food based on the Canarian Atlantic Diet with a nutritional plan designed by a neuroscience expert.
  • Meditative walk through the Teide National Park.
  • Forest bath.
  • 1 session of sound bath with Tibetan bowls.
  • 1 workshop on holistic health from Chinese Medicine.