Our health tourism and wellness services

Our health tourism and wellness services

MBestcare wellness servicesWe are aware that most of our clients are not resident people in Tenerife. This is the reason why our company consider itself responsible for our clients’ stay. We are in charge of making sure that our patients and their companions are happy and feel at home during the whole permanence in the island.


The origin of tourism in Tenerife date back to XIX century when a lot of Europeans used to come to Tenerife to enjoy the beautiful weather and ocean. The doctors from that century used to recommend to their patients to go to Tenerife to relieve the pain and illness. We see all of this facts as a legacy, and we aim to keep promoting Tenerife and MBestcare as international representatives of health tourism and wellness.


The professionals that work at Mbestcare are highly qualified people, trained to deal with any problems that the clients could face. This is the reason why there is no need to worry about anything, as you will be followed by the best specialists. Furthermore, we count on a specialised counsel who gives more professionalism to our labour.

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