The desire for active recreation and relaxation.


More and more people are longing for methods of active recreation and stress reduction. At the same time they want to experience joy and relaxation while running. In our seminars you will learn how Alphalauf contributes to the harmonization of body, mind and soul.


Dr. Johannes Huber and a yoga teacher will teach the unique Alphalauf technique and gentle Hatha Yoga this week. The combination of both leads to a greater sense of well-being, inner balance, better breathing and more energy.


Positive effects:


  • Increased physical fitness
  • Mental strength and mindfulness
  • Natural Well-Being
  • Increase of physical and psychological resistance


What is Alphalauf?


Alphalauf is the unique combination of running and relaxation technique. The method was developed by Colonel Eligius Adam and Dr. Johannes Huber. Originally it was about military pilots being fit and balanced. Meanwhile the participants of Alphalauf and Alphawalking seminars are very diverse, from the run beginner to the run professional.

The specific running technique and special mental exercises (5 phases) put the brain into the alpha state. This results in a relaxed consciousness and a feeling of inner peace.


“The mind becomes clear.”


The activation of alpha waves in the brain also leads to stress reduction and natural well-being. Renowned doctors, sports scientists and physiotherapists recommend this health-promoting form of exercise. (see: Scientific Advisory Board Alphalauf).


Discover the 5 Phases of Alphalauf:


1. Body scan: Mindfulness training while walking


2. Alpha rhythm: Centering of the mind.


3. Alpha state: Enjoying neurological relaxation


4. Alphalauf toolbox: Individual application of mental techniques and mindfulness exercises.


5. Cool down: Mindful walking in silence.



For whom is Alphalauf ideal?


  • For all those who have a highly demanding job or everyday life – such as managers, entrepreneurs and military pilots


  • For beginners who want to be fit without pressure to perform


  • For health-conscious people who want to move in a way that is easy on the joints


  • For all who are interested in mindfulness, meditation and mental training


  • For professional athletes who want to increase their performance through active regeneration.


Scientific Advisory Board Alphalauf


Univ. Prof. Dr. Erwin Ott

Chair for Neurologie, Psychiater


Univ. Prof. Dr. Eva Körner

Chair, Neurologist, Psychiater


Mag. Michaela Drexel, MAS

Health and Quality Manager


Dr. med. Marie-Sophie Huber

Cardiologist, Athlete


Mag. Christian Jopp

Sports scientist, lecturer at the University of Graz and Kufstein University of Applied Sciences


MMag. Petra Jopp

Sports scientist, Psychologist


Dr. Karin Klees

Work and nutrition scientist


MSPhT Maria Kormann

Physiotherapist, lecturer at the FH Joanneum


Dr. Lilla Madarasz-Weberbauer

General practitioner in the field of health promotion,

Alphalauf Coach


Dr. med. Robert Schönbauer

Senior Physician for Cardiology, Marathon Runner


Mag. Doris Weinberger,  B.Sc.

Educational Officer Physio Austria, Physiotherapist