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Happiness, Peace, Patience, Personal Growth, Mental Health, Healthy Habits, Mind, Alternative Medicine …


All of them are fundamental words in our life to which to give space.


The rush to reach any hinder health and with it, the possibility of living in harmony. The frantic deprives us of a state of “living in the here and now” where body and mind maintain a balanced relationship.


The emergence and consolidation of specialized destinations in health tourism is an upward trend.




At Mbestcare, our team offers a personalized comprehensive improvement plan (physical, mental and spiritual). It does so through different types of massages, body care, improving skin care and importance.


Relaxation, happiness and balance are present in a wide range of therapies and services that improve the quality of life of the patient and / or client. Meditation and healthy habits are also included in this wish list.


And all this under the umbrella of an enviable climate and geographical environment that invites personal care, rest and recovery of energy and beauty.


Our professionals have a resume backed by experience and passion for a job well done.


They implement different techniques that encompass a whole; the emotional recovers its fair measure and the effective management of an immediate and natural improvement.


“The mind is everything, what you think you become … ”

Puerto de la Cruz
Hoteles 5* y 4* con SPA

Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife


Tenerife has one of the most complete touristic offers in the world, with its privileged climate and high standards of facilities in every aspect for tourists, since landing in our airport. Tenerife stands out for having a rich gastronomic offer to discover the island and for its infinite views of nature. Among these facts, the third highest volcano in the world: the precious Teide.


At 3.718m from the sea (over 12.198 feet), the Teide is the highest peak in Spain, where the two ecosystems of the island make an experience full of contrasts whilst climbing it.


Puerto de la Cruz contains numerous attractions, such as its protected historic center or a wide coastline, perfect for long and peaceful walks. It occupies the coast of the “Valle de la Orotava” in an impressive view presided by the 3,718 meters high of the Teide on its horizon.

Its pleasant weather made it the first tourist center of the Canary Islands. Since the 19th century, the British Medical Society recommended it as an ideal enclave. The temperatures are normally between 22 and 15 degrees, allowing you to enjoy the sea, the fresh air and relaxiation throughout the whole year.

With more than twenty thousand of touristic accomodation rooms, and the combination created by the georgeous gardens with the black sand beaches, its commercial area by the sea through the historic streets susprises visitors, and offers them a wide variety of activities.