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“MINDFULNESS”, is a state of mind that exists in all of us, with different intensity. That state of our mind can be trained to obtain great physical and psychological well-being. This way, you will learn how to lead in a different way your thoughts and emotions, to get of them the mínimum possible harm.


Some of the techniques of mindfulness come from eastern religious traditions, specifically from Buddhism, although nowadays it is already a secular technique with a solid scientific base. It emerged from Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts in the USA in 1970, and has gained popularity since. Its success has been supported by the scientific evidence that has been developed. Nowadays, MINDFULNESS is more than a fashion, as there are currently thousands of studies recognised in academic journals, books and articles by prestigious authors recognising their therapeutic benefits.


The three main areas of mindfulness use are in health, education and work. In health, mindfulness has shown its effectivity in complementary treatments of chronic and cardiovascular diseases, fribromyalgia and cancer. Also in psychiatry: depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, eating disorders, obsessive disorder and personality, etc.

Puerto de la Cruz
Hoteles 5* y 4* con SPA

Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife


Tenerife has one of the most complete touristic offers in the world, with its privileged climate and high standards of facilities in every aspect for tourists, since landing in our airport. Tenerife stands out for having a rich gastronomic offer to discover the island and for its infinite views of nature. Among these facts, the third highest volcano in the world: the precious Teide.


At 3.718m from the sea (over 12.198 feet), the Teide is the highest peak in Spain, where the two ecosystems of the island make an experience full of contrasts whilst climbing it.


Puerto de la Cruz contains numerous attractions, such as its protected historic center or a wide coastline, perfect for long and peaceful walks. It occupies the coast of the “Valle de la Orotava” in an impressive view presided by the 3,718 meters high of the Teide on its horizon.

Its pleasant weather made it the first tourist center of the Canary Islands. Since the 19th century, the British Medical Society recommended it as an ideal enclave. The temperatures are normally between 22 and 15 degrees, allowing you to enjoy the sea, the fresh air and relaxiation throughout the whole year.

With more than twenty thousand of touristic accomodation rooms, and the combination created by the georgeous gardens with the black sand beaches, its commercial area by the sea through the historic streets susprises visitors, and offers them a wide variety of activities.